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Pippin: *

"SVCAC’s Pippin reunites many of the stars of January’s fabulous Hairspray (one of the best Hairsprays I’ve seen, and I’ve seen a bunch!), including charismatic Keenon Hooks as Leading Player, selling “Magic To Do,” “Simple Joys,” and “Right Track” with showmanship and pizzazz!" Steven Stanely – StageSceneLA

"Set on a creepy carnival set, the players arrive in wild masked steampunk costumes, and we are introduced to an excellent Keenon Hooks as the narrating Leading Player, who pops up throughout the play to either lead or dissuade Pippin from his life’s ambitions. ...This production is not only unique but has a stellar cast of actors and dancers that is well worth the ticket price!" Charles Foster Carmichael - Moorpark Community Link

“Promising a magical experience, a traveling troupe of theatrical players invited the audience to participate in a story of a young man’s quest for fulfillment (Pippin, played by Brenden MacDonald). The Leading Player (Keenon Hooks) acts as a narrator & conductor of the story moving the action along as needed, as well as adding touches of whimsy and a few practical jokes along the way. Both actors play off each other well, displaying their vocal and dancing skills to full advantage. …The Cast performs at a level equal to what one would expect at the Ahmanson or Pantages theatres!” Jim Spencer – Ventura Breeze  

A Chorus Line: *

"A series of three Montage sequences feature the nostalgic "Hello Twelve, Hello Thirteen, Hello Love", "Mother", and Richie's brash "Gimme The Ball", spotlighting the talents of the always dynamic Keenon Hooks" Steven Stanely - StageSceneLA

Hairspray - the broadway musical: *

"Jamie Baer is a dorky delight as Penny opposite the charismatic Keenon Hooks’ terrific Seaweed J. Stubbs." Steven Stanely - StageSceneLA

"Simi Valleys production features a terrific couplet-spouting Motormouth Maybelle (Brittney S. Wheeler), a slick Seaweed (Keenon Hooks) and a perky Penny Pingleton (Jamie Baer)." Cary Ginell - Thousand Oaks Acorn

Golden Anniversary Greenshow - Utah Shakespeare Festival:

"The Green Show, held before each evening performance, is a lighthearted, comical satire of varied themes that should not be missed. PCPA alums Keenon Hooks and Michael Feldman lead the show and inject it with high energy, comedy and fun." Tim Durnin - Noozhawk

My Fair Lady:

"Stage director Valerie Rachelle with choreographer Keenon Hooks and costume designer Tommy Macon gave the show Broadway polish, leaving no detail unaddressed. ...The orchestra, chorus, principals and unseen production crew deserve highest praise for a job well done."

Robert Coleman - Salt Lake Tribune

"The production of the blockbuster Broadway musical “My Fair Lady” is an example of how Utah Festival Opera does justice to the arts. It did everything to bring audience members what they expect from this beloved classic. The company skimped on nothing from costumes to set design to the size of the orchestra to the quality of the performers, and the result was a satisfying and entertaining show. The play as a whole was visually beautiful — the costumes were vibrant, especially Eliza’s dresses, as only to be expected, and possibly each chorus member had at least five different extravagant outfits. The dancing was top-notch and there was much of it."

Michelle Garrett - Deseret News

"This UFOMT production of My Fair Lady is pure magic for the eye and ear, capturing both the

charm of the original musical and the intelligence of its source material by George Bernard Shaw.The result was a show in which the highly literate dialogue dances and sings as well as the music."

Charlie Schill - The Herald Journal 

"I have been lucky enough to see several lovely UFOMT operas over the years. This was my first time seeing a musical, though. I was not disappointed! From the actors to the sets to the orchestra to the beautiful theater itself, nearly every detail was perfect. In my experience the UFOMT shows far surpass the quality of national touring productions I have seen in Salt Lake City. ...The sets, costumes, the quality of staging, singing, dancing, and acting are all top-notch in UFOMT's rendition of the show." Lisa Baker Heaton - Lisa Love Logan

25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee: *

"Morgan-Wixson’s non-Equity cast is as terrific as the best I’ve seen, due in great part to the inspired direction of Valerie Rachelle and to choreographer Keenon Hooks’ equally inspired dance moves." Steven Stanely - StageSceneLA

"As he did with last year’s Urinetown The Musical, Hooks proves himself a choreographer of vision and imagination, capable of taking material that’s been done again and again and making it seem fresh and new." Steven Stanely - StageSceneLA

"I concluded my review of last year’s Urinetown thusly: “One can only hope that director Rachelle’s return to Los Angeles for Urinetown The Musical will be the first of many collaborations with choreographer Hooks.” This year’s equally splendid production of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee proves that wishes can indeed come true." Steven Stanely - StageSceneLA

The Morgan-Wixson Theatre’s production of “Putnam County Spelling Bee” brings together some of the strongest talent from this company’s regulars: direction by Valerie Rachelle, choreography by Keenon Hooks, and musical direction by producer Anne Gesling. The show’s comedy sketch roots show clearly, for although the dancing is good and very memorable, it’s the witty dialogue and lyrics and the sheer silliness of the action that make the play entertaining." Lynne Bronstein - Santa Monica Mirror

Kiss Me, Kate: *

"Supporting role standouts include Hooks' Gene Kelly-esque Paul." Steven Stanely - StageSceneLA

"The Relevant Stage production of Kiss Me Kate has been directed with verve by Buffer and energetically choreographed by Keenon Hooks (who also plays Paul) and Marisa Martinez." Steven Stanely - StageSceneLA

"Co-choreographers Hooks and Marisa Martinez get the ensemble (made up of both dancers and non-dancers) doing some pretty proficient hoofing, particularly in the extended Act Two opener “Too Darned Hot.”" Steven Stanely - StageSceneLA

"Kiss Me Kate" is a musical that lives in its dance numbers, and they are precise and energetic and a whole lot of fun." - Daily Breeze

"The choreographers, Keenon Hooks and Marisa Martinez, deserve much credit for their spectacular results, and Hooks extra credit for playing Paul, the man who leads the second-act song and dance number "Too Darn Hot!" with plenty of personal heat." - Daily Breeze

"Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts Alumnus, and choreographers, Keenon Hooks and Marisa Martinez reunite to pay homage to Bob Fosse, while infusing "Kiss Me Kate" with their own unique style and energy." Sally Lodge - PRLog

"Hooks and Martinez dazzle with teamwork, skills and creativity - structuring the movement for the musical." Sally Lodge - PRLog 

Urinetown the musical: *

"...Choreographer Keenon Hooks (who also plays Hot Blades Harry) has done wonders with the dances and moves. His touches include some takeoffs on other musicals, the funniest of which was a “Fiddler on the Roof” playing a fiddle with a toilet plunger instead of a bow." Lynne Bronstein - Santa Monica Mirror

"Credit choreographer Keenon Hooks for making the show’s already famous dance tributes to Bob Fosse, Michael Bennett, and Jerome Robbins more WOW!-worthy than ever." Steven Stanely- StageSceneLA

"Rachelle and Hooks have tweaked Urinetown again and again in ways that are truly original!" Steven Stanely - StageSceneLA

"PCPA grads Hooks and Layli Kayhani bring down the house with their very own Act Two showstopper, “Snuff That Girl.” Steven Stanely- StageSceneLA

"One can only hope that director Rachelle’s return to Los Angeles for Urinetown The Musical will be the first of many collaborations with choreographer Hooks. In the meantime, don’t miss this stellar production, one of the best ever for the Morgan-Wixson Theatre and the Santa Monica Theatre Guild, still going strong after sixty-six years of entertaining West Side audiences." Steven Stanely- StageSceneLA

"With a large ensemble of talented singers and dancers, Hooks’ vibrant choreography shines, especially in intertextual (or interchoreographical?) references to Les Mis, Fiddler on the Roof, West Side Story and other musical theater classics." Sarah Taylor Ellis - Compositions on Theatre

"Shades of “Les Mis,” “Sweeney Todd,” “Westside Story,” and “Pajama Game,” are recognized in Urinetown, as the show parodies many musical genres, with plot twists and magnificent choreographic numbers adding charm and energy." Bonnie Priever – Tolucan Times

"Urinetown has an exceptional cast, sensational choreography, laugh-out-loud jokes and asides." Sue Pascoe - Palisadian Post

 West Side Story: *

"With a minimal set, what is needed is terrific dancing, good singing and emotional acting. Jenkinson and his cast delivers — in a big way. His dancers work brilliantly through the numbers, which have that original Jerome Robbins feel, but feature the grace of Jenkinson’s own style. There are so many show stopping numbers in “West Side Story,” and the terrific ensemble carries each one off. The members of both gangs, the Sharks and Jets, did a terrific job of handling the intricate choreography. The opening sequence featured great dancing and choreographed fighting that was exciting to watch." Brad M – Santa Maria Times

"The Sharks aren’t given quite as much stage time as the Jets (with the exception of Bernardo and Chino, the latter given a fine performance by Brian Conway), but they are equally “fantasticos” as singer/dancer/actors: Glenn M. Snellgrose II as Pepe, Keenon Hooks as Juano, Steven Jasso as Indio, TJ Mundy-Prunchard as Luis, and Nikko Kimzin as Anxious." Steven Stanely - StageSceneLA 

The Music Man:

“As for specific dance numbers, I was hugely impressed by “Marian the Librarian,” “Seventy-Six Trombones,” and the classic “Shipoopi.” I found all these songs undeniably enjoyable, mostly thanks to the visual spectacle that came from the dancers.” Russell Warne - Utah Theater Bloggers Association

"Surrounding Vaughn was a talented cast whose vocal prowess was evident in ensemble numbers "Iowa Stubborn" and "The Wells Fargo Wagon," the latter of which sent the audience nearly skipping up the aisles when the show broke for intermission." Lisa Larson - The Spectrum

"From the opening scene I was drawn into the rhythm of the production, thanks to the talented group of salesmen on the train chanting and bobbing and proclaiming Professor Harold Hill to be a con artist extraordinaire. This is just one of several examples in "The Music Man" score that uses rapid lyrics to move the story along. The aforementioned salesmen song "Rock Island," were impressively delivered with excellent enunciation, making it possible to understand all the lyrics while reveling in the cast's energetic talent." Lisa Larson - The Spectrum

"You could have easily fooled me in the opening scene. The salesmen gabbing and exchanging stories on the train looked like a real train ride, so perfectly was it choreographed. In a week of watching plays where the opening scenes were a little blah, The Music Man had my attention from the get go." Rachelle Hughes - Alive!

* = Nomination or Award Acknowledged for Show or Role

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